Supermums Reveals The Top 5 Skills That Will Future-Proof Your Career as a Working Mum

Women are experiencing significantly more set backs when it comes to job security and financial freedom. According to a study conducted by the McKinsey Global Institute, Women's jobs are 1.8 times more vulnerable than men's jobs due to the pandemic crisis. However, there is good news, Supermums provides a way for women, through their Salesforce training programs, to bounce back by upskilling with the required skills in today's highly digitized and connected world.

LinkedIn have identified that the top skills required by employers are predominantly digital and we are facing a significant Digital Skills Gap.

Sadly, women are lagging behind men when it comes to technical skills. Women make up less than a third of the science-based research and development workforce. That number dips even lower when it comes to “frontier” technologies like artificial intelligence or virtual reality. Worldwide, women make up just 17.5% of the tech workforce and fill only 5% of leadership roles.

This isn’t just a theoretical problem. It’s a concrete issue for countless women who are struggling to break into the workforce. It’s also an issue for women who are stuck in dead-end jobs instead of being able to launch careers.

Fortunately, there is a solution. By acquiring in-demand skills, women can make themselves great candidates for today’s top jobs. This article will look at the top skills for working moms and dig into how exactly you can position yourself to future-proof your career.

Heather Black’s Story

Supermums founder Heather Black has first-hand experience as a woman who benefitted from a career in tech.

Heather started using Salesforce CRM when she was running a non-profit. The more she learned about Salesforce, the more she realized that she would benefit from learning new skills like business analysis and technical know-how. She really enjoyed implementing new processes and monitoring performance across the organisation using the CRM, which peaked her interest to learn how she could start helping other companies to implement a CRM.

Eventually, she realized that there was a wide range of jobs available in the CRM marketplace. She decided to retrain as a Salesforce consultant and worked as a freelancer earning $10k a month. To a large extent, she was able to set her own hours and work from wherever she happened to be. She noticed this was true for other women in tech, too.

When her first daughter was born, Heather continued to work a flexible schedule. She was able to achieve a great work-life balance, continuing in the career that she loved while dedicating herself to being an involved and hands-on mother.

Heather founded Supermums in 2016 because she wanted other women to enjoy the same work-life balance that she has. Supermums’ mission is to empower more mothers to build careers within the Salesforce sector. Supermums provides training and upskilling in the skills that are vital to today’s workforce.

The Top Five Skills identified by Linked In for Future-Proofing Your Career as a Working Mother

Cloud computing

The cloud has been a game-changer for most big businesses. It’s enabled them to store and access data, run complex data-driven programs, and scale as needed. Cloud computing has become a necessary solution as business becomes increasingly virtual.

In order to succeed in today’s marketplace, workers need to have a skill set that allows them to work with the cloud. That includes database and programming skills, proficiency with web services and APIs, and a grasp of the leading cloud service providers.

Business analysis

Business analysis is the practice of identifying business needs and determining solutions to business problems. That could mean introducing new technology, shifting organizational setup, or carrying out strategic planning or policy development. Business analysts need to possess both hard and soft skills so that they can carry out data analysis and, at the same time, work closely with executives to plan a better way forward for every business.

Business analysis might involve tasks such as:

· Identifying the specific problems faced by businesses and finding solutions

· Understanding business goals and requirements

· Reviewing and improving processes

· Introducing and redesigning systems

· Reviewing performance analysis requirements

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence — or EQ — can be summed up as the ability to communicate effectively with others, putting yourself in their shoes, and understanding their struggles so that you can successfully connect with them.

Emotional intelligence is a soft skill that has been historically unrecognized. But without EQ, it’s virtually impossible to build up strong and resilient teams or to motivate employees to work through tough situations. EQ is what allows businesses to overcome even the toughest challenges and to keep forging ahead.

Marketing A.I.

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has a growing role to play in marketing efforts. Many of us are familiar with chatbots, those cute little icons that pop up on websites and can answer questions by text.

Research shows that by 2025, approximately 95% of interactions between businesses and consumers will be done through AI channels. That’s why it’s so important for today’s workforce to learn how marketing AI works and to build up the skills needed to succeed in the sector.


Analytics is a broad term, referring to all the skills needed to collect data, analyze it, and make decisions based on that data. Analytical decision-making is the opposite of reactive decision-making. Instead of responding to impulses, analytical thinking responds to facts.

In today’s dense, globalized business environment, it is more important than ever for workers to build strong analytical skills.

Final Thoughts

Heather Black founded Supermums because she wanted other women to have the same opportunities as she did.

Too many women today are marginalized, struggling to make ends meet so that they can provide for their families. We believe that this is unnecessary. By upskilling and focusing on currently essential skillsets, today’s women can build exciting careers in tech that give them the flexibility they need to be both top-notch workers and involved, present parents.

Supermums has already helped more than 400 women around the world enter the tech workforce. Curious? Visit us today to learn more about what a Career in Supermums could offer you.

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