Positive Discipline Courses for Parents

Empowering parents to teach children the values, social and life skills you want for them.

There is truly no harder job than that of a parent. There’s no on-the-job training, no instruction manual and no opportunity to walk away and say ‘I quit!’

There’s the power struggles, the tantrums, the arguing, the backchat, and more often than not, parenting feels like an alternating cycle of saying no and bribing our children to behave well. But there is a different way to parenting that is respectful to children's needs and to parents' needs. It’s a way that focuses on teaching children the self discipline, respect, problem solving by setting barriers and limits respectfully, removing the need for power struggles. is a local business run by mum of two and Positive Discipline Parent Educator Agata. offers courses for parents in positive discipline. This is a way of parenting that has nothing to do with punishment nor rewarding a child with tangibles. Instead it focuses on the long term benefits, on teaching children the social and life skills that are important to us such as high self esteem, responsibility, self confidence, communication skills, flexibility, empathy, social consciousness and many more.

Next course runs Saturday, 14th May and is a one-day crash course for busy parents - book your spot today. Other dates are listed below

  • 3 week course starting Tuesday, 10th May meeting twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays over Zoom. Dates are 10th, 12th, 17th, 19, 24th and 26th May.

  • Agata is on a mission to help parents to connect with their kids in their lowest moments, to build harmonious and lifelong relationships, see every moment as an opportunity to teach our kids the values that are important to us, and to make parents fall in love in parenting again.

    Courses include group crash courses for one day, which will cover the basics of Positive Discipline, plus Positive Discipline for pre-schoolers. also offers private coaching and free online webinars.

    About Agata

    Like most parents, Agata soon realised just how hard parenting is, or the responsibility that comes with it, when her own daughter was growing up. Dealing with the challenging behaviour became increasingly difficult and as as we all do, Agata turned to the things we knew from growing up - idle threats, bribing, raising our voices, getting impatient, feeling annoyed, engaging in power struggles.

    With no role model to guide her and wanting a more positive experience for her children when growing up, Agata decided to educate and train herself to be the best mum she can be and create a role model for herself.

    An analyst by trade, Agata researched different parenting styles, ways, methods and tools, learning about a child’s brain, its development and the impact it has on children behaviour and their capability to absorb and learn.

    Having founded, Agata is sharing the knowledge of Positive Discipline Parenting and the Whole Brain Approach Parenting, which allows parents to enter and the see the world through the eyes of a child, to connect to the child, to effectively communicate with a child and all of that done in a way that is respectful both to the child and to the parent. Agata is harvesting the benefits of Positive Discipline parenting herself.

    Agata wants to share her knowledge with local parents and help you be the best you can be in raising your children, without the fights, tantrums and daily struggles. Book your spot on this unique course today and learn the power of positive discipline.

    Get in touch at, take a look at the website or check out Instagram or Facebook .

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