Charity campaigns for access to 30 hours funded childcare for every family

The early years of a child's life are crucial. In the first four years a child's brain develops rapidly and it's these years of learning that play a significant role in determining their chances later in life. What children learn and experience in these early years have a lasting and lifelong impact. It's during this time that the differences between children's backgrounds and experiences take hold.

Research shows that the most disadvantaged children are already 11 months behind when they start primary school, widening the gap between children from different backgrounds. A proven way to close this gap is through children having access to high quality early education at nursery and preschool.

Currently all three-and four-year-olds in England are entitled to 15 hours of government funded childcare each week. Some families meeting certain requirements are also eligible for an additional 15 hours, making a total of 30 hours. But many families, including those from low incomes or out of work households, are locked out of these additional hours. The Sutton Trust want to change this.

The charity is campaigning for all families to have access to 30 hours funded childcare, no matter what their circumstances.

The Sutton Trust is fighting for a fairer system that gives every child the foundations to succeed. To do this they're calling for parents to support their campaign by using the simple tool on their website to write to their local MP. The charity wants the government to hear the voices of parents. By bringing the issue to the attention of MPs, it will help highlight this unfair system and push for change.

If your family have been locked out of 30 hours funded childcare, the charity wants to hear from you. You can email a short summary of your experience to

To find out more about the Sutton Trust's A Fair Start? campaign, visit: .

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